Fasti, Tristia, and Metamorphoses
B • TVBIL• NP | X Kal. | III.849-876, Ovid announces the Tubilustrium festival and relates how the ram that carried away Helle and Phrixus became a…
F • QVIN • NP | XIII Kal. | III.809-848, Ovid praises Minerva on her holiday, the Quinquatrus.
D • LIB • NP | XVI Kal. | III.713-808, Ovid relates the rituals and myths associated with the Liberalia festival.
C F | XVII Kal. Apr. | III.711-712, Ovid announces the arrival of the constellation Scorpio.
B • EID • NP | Idibus | III.523-710,
A • EQVIR • NP | Pr. Eid. | III.517-522, Ovid announces the second set of Equirria horse races.
C F | VIII Eid. | III.459-516, Ovid describes how Ariadne's crown was transformed by Dionysus into a constellation.
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